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    Incontinence is the inability to control one’s bladder or bowels. Urinary incontinence is a frustrating problem that affects more than 25 million American adults. Incontinence is not a disease, but a symptom of an underlying cause. Many women face this problem due to changes in the strength of the muscles supporting the bladder, as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. Men may face incontinence due to infections of the prostate, prostate enlargement, etc.

    In some people this problem can occur due to nerve or muscle damage. However, by precisely understanding the cause of incontinence doctors can suggest the right incontinence products for your safety and comfort. With the help of commodes, bathing and hygiene products, patients can forget about their bladder or bowel control problems and can enjoy life.

    EZMEDx has a wide range of medical equipment online that offers quality incontinence products that will easily meet to your specific needs. Our products are suitable for all ages, genders, and weights. Shop our advanced medical supply products to give ensure a comfortable and happy lifestyle.